CO.SE.MAR. has a 30- year history of giving guests the most fascinating cruise and cultural itineraries in Syracuse. The company has built its reputation thanks to people working inside, experts in the scientific, archeological and shipping fields.

The company provides mini cruises according to each kind of exigence of travelers ,organizing cultural events to satisfy curiosity and needs of tourists passionate of history and sea.

How born the idea:this was deeply desired by  Mr Castagnino Giuseppe, the captain and boat owner.He comes from a well known ship owners’ family in Syracuse, with origins in Genova.

The boat’s name is Linea d’Ombra, from the famous book of the writer-captain Joseph Conrad,it belongs to CO.SE.MAR. Compagnia del Selene. In 1984, the captain Mr Castagnino choose, after his sea travels all around the world, being the captain of big ship and big oil tanker,to dedicate to his town, a shipping service that allows people to enjoy the sea, its charming aspects and also to organize parties on board to celebrate special moments in a special way.


The ship Linea d’ombra

The ship fact sheet 
type:passengers ship
feet long:65
feet wide:20
feet draft:5
decks:2 (covered and a solarium)
motor:n°2, Iveco-Aifo
power:220 HP X2
national company:Italy

guests occupancy: up to 120


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